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Below are a few items to consider that a large majority of our customers buy each time they buy a vehicle. We personally believe in the importance of each one of them.  If you have any questions, please email: sales@jenkinsandwynne.com.

 1)      Warranty

If you plan on keeping your vehicle more than 3yrs/36k miles, the warranty will help with the costs of any repairs needed when your factory warranty runs out therefore giving you peace of mind. In addition, if your car is kept overnight for a repair, you will get a helpful service loaner. If you decide to trade in your vehicle before the warranty is up, you can get refunded back!

2)      Wind Screen Amour http://www.diamon-fusionusa.com

Is created to improve clarity in windshield, to deflect small road debris which reduces damage, to allow insects to be easily washed away, to make snow and ice easier to remove, to resist UV rays and to protect against Acid Rain, corrosion and mineral buildup.

Guaranteed for 4 years to cover chips, cracks, stress cracks, and full windshield replacement from day it is purchased.

3)      Simoniz System 5 http://www.simonizusa.com/

Science, Security and Teflon® Technology
Simoniz has been a leader in car care technology since 1911. Today we offer, through authorized automobile dealerships, an exclusive paint protection process that contains Teflon, called Simoniz System 5. Simoniz System 5 is the only paint protection system in the USA and Canada that is fortified with Teflon. This process is so effective that our warranty protects your vehicle's painted surface and resale value for 5 years unlimited mileage. Moreover, it is insured by one of the premier insurers in the United States.

Why Is Teflon® So Important?
Teflon, which is known for its "non stick" properties, helps keep the contaminants and pollutants that attack your vehicle everyday from adhering to your paint. And only Simoniz System 5 contains Teflon, which helps to protect your vehicle from the acids found in acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, insects and a wide range of other adverse environmental conditions and contaminants. The exclusive SYSTEM 5 paint sealant process actually adds strength to the finished surface of your vehicle keeping your vehicle in "showroom condition", guaranteed! Interior: The advanced Simoniz SYSTEM 5 treatment protects your fabric or leather seats against common spills such as coffee, baby formula, soft drinks, french fries and other similar staining foods and liquids for up to 5 years. If you have children or travel a lot, interior protection is a great idea.

4)      Gap Loss Prevention
(Guaranteed Asset Protection)

GAP pays the difference between what you owe on the loan and what your insurance will cover in case your vehicle is totaled. With GAP, you won’t be liable to pay for the remaining balance…enabling you to walk away and buy a new vehicle…without being in debt! Pays up to $1000 of deductible.

5)      Credit Life
(Payment Protection)

In the event of death, the loan (amount still owed on vehicle) is paid off in full.

6)      Road and Tire—provides 24 hour Road Side Assistance & flat tire repair or full

Replacement when tire is unrepairable and/or the wheel is damaged so it is unable to seal with the tire due to a covered Road Hazard. Coverage includes the cost to repair or replace the tire and/or wheel using the current retail market value of the replaced tire and/or wheel, mounting, valve stems, balancing, taxes and labor charge.

7)      Window Etching
(Anti Theft system)

 In the event that the system fails and the vehicle is not recovered within 30 days or is recovered within the 30 days and declared a total loss as a result of damage from the theft, a $2500 benefit will be paid directly to owner.  If vehicle is recovered with in the 30 days and is not totaled by damaged, owner will be reimbursed the comprehensive amount deducted by Insurance Co. up to $500.